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Real Estate Law

I have handled every type of real estate transaction, including representing buyers and sellers at closings, sales by owner, drafting land contracts and leases, and handling foreclosures. Here are some of the questions related to Real Estate Law that I have answered most often:

Can I Sell My Home By Myself Without a Realtor

This is difficult time to sell a home. If you can find a buyer, I can handle the rest of the transaction.

It is necessary to have a signed purchase agreement. This states the purchase price and all the conditions of sale, such as the terms, what items remain in the house, whether it will be necessary to obtain a certificate of occupancy and when the seller will vacate.

The purchase agreement should be prepared by the buyer and presented to the seller. It is an important document and should be prepared by a professional.
I can prepare the offer to purchase, order Title work and prepare the closing documents. I charge a fixed fee, rather than a percentage, based on the complexity of the transaction.

I can also represent you if you are buying a home from an owner or even through a realtor. I will prepare or review the purchase agreement, review the title work and closing documents and even attend the closing if necessary. I also charge a fixed fee based on how much work I perform.

What is a quitclaim deed?

All real estate must be transferred in writing. The deed is the writing that transfers the property. There are two types of deeds. In a warranty Deed the grantor transfers all his interest in the property for a price, swears that he owns the property and swears that he will defend the property from anyone who later has a claim against the property.

The grantor in a Quitclaim Deed transfers whatever interest he might have in the property, but does not swear he owns the property. A quitclaim deed is usually used to add another party to the title.

Any deed should be drafted by a lawyer or other real estate professional. Do not try to draft a deed you’re self from a kit or online for. You may create more trouble for yourself.


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